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HSW • AIA • IDCEC • 1 Credit

Acoustics and the Modern Human

Sound Elements as Part of Biophilic Design

Early research has shown that psychological effects of biophilic design on noise perception have a significant influence on well-being and health such as focus, information retention, productivity and creativity. In this course, we will identify these potential problems and the effects of them as well as outline different corrective actions to mitigate/lessen the issues.


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Hightower CEU.png

IDCEC • 1 Credit

Supporting Healthy Indoor Air Quality through Furniture Specification

We have tightened up our building envelope, thus decreasing ventilation and trapping pollution.  We are also using products that emit harmful VOCs.  Because of this, we see negative effects on our health and cognitive function.  Learn how you can design to support healthy indoor air quality through ventilation and product specification. 

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HSW • AIA • IDCEC • 1 Credit

Making Lemonade

How to Make Working from Home Not Feel Like Homework

The world is moving to remote work, and the undeniable statistics show that people are ill-prepared to make this shift and stay as productive as they were in an office.  This course dives into trends, employer fears, helpful boundaries, and design implications of working from home.

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ceu courses all

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HSW • AIA • IDCEC • 1 Credit


Re-Balancing the Office

The open office revolution has gone too far, and now the revolution needs a revolution.  This course will look at the history of office design and the science behind office privacy.  Learn how office design can encourage workers take their headphones off and collaborate more. 

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Skyline Design CEU

AIA • IDCEC • 1 Credit

Discover new technologies and benefits of decorative glass for interior and exterior applications

Innovative glass technologies are transforming the decorative glass industry, giving architects and designers more options for creative expression. These techniques support sustainable practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment. As a result, decorative glass has emerged as one of the most versatile and high-performance materials of modern architecture.

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Skyline Design CEU 2.png

AIA • IDCEC • CHD • 1 Credit


Material Spotlight: Glass

We use glass as a case study to explore how this building material can serve as a design solution to address four key areas in the care environment: (1) infection control, (2) dignity and privacy, (3) safety and visibility, and (4) beauty and satisfaction.  

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VIA CEU 1.png

IDCEC • HSW • 1 Credit

Healthcare Design:

How to Combat Superbugs

Superbugs are on of the biggest challenges in healthcare today.  Learn about the biocidal properties of copper and the life-saving results of using it in hospital design.

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VIA CEU 2.png

IDCEC • HSW • 1 Credit

Ergonomics and the Future Workplace

Learn about the evolution of work including the risks and challenges facing workers due to constant connectivity, technological trends, and shifting expectations as a result of COVID-19.

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VIA CEU 3.png

AIA • IDCEC •GCBI • 1 Credit

LEVEL Sustainability Certification and its Role in the Selection of Furniture

Learn how BIFMA LEVEL® is defining the measure of sustainable furniture and making it easier than ever to find sustainable furniture options.

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VIA CEU 4.png

AIA • IDCEC •GCBI • 1 Credit

Demystifying Furniture’s Role in Sustainability

This course will define and compare leading sustainability programs on the market today.  It will explain the key role furniture plays in meeting and maintaining each standard. 

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VIA CEU 5.png

AIA • IDCEC •GCBI • 1 Credit

Attributes of Contract Furniture

The eight key attributes of commercial furniture are explored and explained for their impact on decision-making for the design professional wanting to make informed selections with safety, sustainability, and wellness at the forefront.

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about pinkgemini

Our philosophy is simple:

provide outstanding service while having a little fun along the way.

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founding partner

Melissa Ehrman has been an architectural & design products representative for 25+ years, with a background in textiles, hard surfaces, decorative and functional wall solutions as well as furniture for the commercial, health care and high end residential markets.


As founder of Pinkgemini, Melissa is proud to lead and partner with forward thinking manufacturers who create functional, aesthetically appealing products for interior environments.

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Kristen Benavides joined Pinkgemini in 2020 after 22 years in corporate and healthcare interiors where she successfully executed projects that included seating, signage, storage, ergonomic tools, and more.


Kristen’s strength is learning about new products and helping our distribution partners find the perfect solution for their projects.  Kristen has authored a CEU and is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) and Fitwel Ambassador.